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The Origin Story

In 2019, I was fast tracking the corporate ladder. Then, I abruptly walked away from it all and moved my family to a remote Mexican beach.

Here’s my story:

I’d been chasing “something” for a long time.

But no amount of success seemed to get me closer to whatever that was. I was running a race I couldn’t win.

I was promoted 7 times in 7 years, from sales rep to Managing Director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation.

For 10 years as a senior sales executive overseeing national field, phone, and digital sales teams, I never missed a strategic or revenue target.

And I was being flown around the country to raise 6-and-7-figures from CEOs and board members of Fortune 1000 companies.

Around the same time, I decided to get my Executive MBA. When I graduated, I'd earned an invitation to Beta Gamma Sigma as a top 20% student at a top 5% business school.

I leveraged that to network my way into private equity, where I landed my first CEO role of a PE-backed business.

In my first 12 months we:

  • Rebuilt the executive team.
  • Modernized the sales infrastructure.
  • Launched award winning digital products.
  • Led the company to its highest month of revenue in 40+ years.

Then I got fired.

You could say the board of directors and I had a difference of opinion on the importance of corporate culture.

My wife and I already had a family vacation to Baja planned... so, we took it.

With no job, no income, and no clear plan on what was next, the Baja beaches were a great place to reflect.   

That's where I came to a conclusion I wasn't expecting:

I was tired of building other people’s dreams while I put mine hold. 

So, we made the crazy decision to extend our 3 week family vacation in Baja… indefinitely.

I walked away from the corporate grind at 38-years old and committed to figuring out how to live life on our terms.

Since then I’ve:

✔️ Generated $1 +million in revenue online.
✔️ Created consulting & coaching offers that consistently generate $70k+/mo.
✔️ Been hired by some of the top business coaches in the world, like Dan Martell, Robin Robins, and others.

And I’ve helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs & former executives replicate that same level of success - and more.

Ray in numbers


Years in B2B Sales


High & low ticket. Recurring & one-time. Consultative & transactional. Field, phone, & digital sales. 


Years Executive Leadership


Founder. Managing Director of a $20 million P&L. Contract CEO for investor groups.



Businesses Scaled


Personally coached & consulted founders to productize, market, and scale their services.



Industries & Verticals


Enterprises, agencies, nonprofits, private equity-backed startups, you name it.


Own Ventures


Built and sold businesses in music promotion, remote work, ecommerce, retail and more.


In Sales Managed


Overseeing and directly managing sales teams for my biggest superstar clients.

 Ray in published words

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