Who I Am

My personal and professional journey has taken me to some incredibly interesting places. I was born in Japan and have had the opportunity to call Asia, Europe, both American coasts, the Midwest, and the South, home.

Professionally, my experience has been no less diverse. I embarked upon my first entrepreneurial venture when I was 13 by taking half of my allowance and hiring friends to do my chores. When my mom caught me, I did what any great salesman would do and convinced her that I was simply providing a general contracting service.

I have been the founder of a music promotion company, supported Napster customer service operations, helped lead efforts to change a family owned retail store business model and position it to be sold, and have been an executive of a 100 year-old DC based business lobbying organization. I've also helped several entrepreneurs develop, implement, and transition business models in a variety of industries. One of these entrepreneurs later became my wife. I guess I did a good job.  

Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to start, grow, fix, transition, and wind down businesses of all types. These experiences have included 10+ years of P&L responsibility, national sales team management, contact and call center management, sales division turnarounds, culture and environment turnarounds, intrapreneurship, and business model innovation. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the small and midsize business (SMB) market, I've developed relationships and and tools that give me a unique insight into that market and how to reach it. 

I’m a permanent student in many regards. Right now, I’m a student of Southern Methodist University's Executive MBA program.  

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