TT#018 - 3 (non-sales) changes you can make to double your close rates

Jul 05, 2022
 3 (non-sales) changes you can make to double your close rates

Sales in a business is a lot like speed in a car.

They are both the end result of many different, but connected, pieces working together. How well those pieces work on their own, as well as with the other pieces, has a big impact on the result you are looking for.

That’s why changes you make in operations or marketing can have a big impact on sales.

This week, I’m going to introduce 3 things you can do outside of the sales call to increase your close rates by 100% or more.

Let’s dive in.

A Sales Page to Qualify & Engage Prospects

The first change you can make is to stop offering everyone a chance to book a discovery or diagnostic call.

One of the most important resources in your business is your time. This is especially true for solopreneurs or small businesses.

That means you should invest your time with the most valuable opportunities. And those opportunities are the ones that are already clients, or those most likely to close.

If the first step in your sales process is a call, you’re offering your most valuable resource to people that may have no interest in buying your services.

The result? Higher no show rates, lower close rates, and wasted time.

Instead, create a landing page with a resource that explains who you help and the problems you solve.

Then, when people reach out for more information, you have a resource to send that doesn't require a call.

If they’re a great fit, they’ll book a call from that page. If not, you've got some time back on your calendar

Even better, those that do book a call will be much more likely to close.

Here’s one of mine:

Thank You Page With a Video & Content

The second change you can make is automatically directing people to a thank-you page after they book a call with you.

A well-designed thank-you page does two things:

  1. It reinforces the importance of the meeting. On your thank-you page, include a personal video thanking them and kindly asking them to cancel if they can't make the call. That goes a long way in eliminating no-shows.
  2. It encourages them to consume more content. Alongside your thank-you video, invite them to check out some of your best content. This helps them learn more about who are, what you do, and how you can help. And that leads to a warmer conversation when you do talk.

Here’s one of mine:

Pre-Call Sequence

The content you offer on your thank-you page is a good start in "pre-selling" people for your call. A third change you can make to help even more is installing a “pre-call sequence” after people book a call.

A pre-call sequence is the messaging you send between the time someone books a call with you and the time they show up. This sequence is something you can deliver in a couple of emails and/or texts.

Your pre-call sequence is designed to do 3 things:

  1. Ensure people show up for the call. If your process doesn’t make it easy for people to show up, don't blame them when they don't. We all get busy, and it’s pretty easy to create a process that leads people to the call they scheduled.
  2. Educate them about what you do. If you’re good at what you do, the more people know about you by the time they show up for your call, the better. A pre-call sequence is a smart way to share more content - and context - to make your job easier when you talk.
  3. Allow people that aren’t a good fit an exit ramp. Sharing more content helps people you’re a perfect fit for warm up to what you do. It also helps people you’re not aligned with an opportunity to bow out before you get on the call. This helps both of you save time.

At minimum, a good pre-call sequence should include:

  • A confirmation after a call is booked with links to relevant content.
  • An easy way for people to add the call to their calendar.
  • An email reminder 24 hours in advance with an option to cancel.
  • An SMS reminder 1 hour in advance.


There you have it. 3 simple processes you can install to increase the quantity and quality of people showing up on your calls, which leads to higher close rates.

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