Attitude reflects leadership

Feb 11, 2021

“You have the worst attitude I’ve ever seen.” 

“Attitude reflect leadership, Captain.” 

5 things Remember the Titans reminded me about leadership: 

  1. Leadership is not about your title.

    Anyone on a team can be a leader.

  2. Tough conversations early, easier life later.

    Setting standards - and sticking to them - makes life easier later.

  3. No room for prima donnas in a strong, team culture.

    Individual performers that distract & demotivate actually destroy potential.

  4. The bigger the obstacle, the sweeter the victory.

    Coasting into the finish line still gets a W, but we cherish the tough battles.

  5. Diversity creates strength.

    We tend to hire people we relate to, but that’s a recipe for groupthink and status quo.


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