A review of New Sales. Simplified, by Mike Weinberg

Dec 07, 2020

Every 2 weeks I share a summary and all the highlights / notes of great books on our Sales Leadership Foundations forum.

This week was New Sales. Simplified, by Mike Weinberg.

It’s no secret that I'm a big fan of Mike's, and his writing. He has no problem laying down some blunt truths from time to time... Many that should heard by more CEOs and execs overseeing sales orgs.

This is a high level overview of a book I think should be on the shelves in every sales organization.

And it’s relevant for salespeople as well as sales leaders.

Every two weeks I share a review of a new book as well as my highlights and notes for our Sales Leadership Foundations forum. For access to those and a lot of content I don’t share elsewhere, join the community and conversation for free here.

Grab the book here.


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