[Forbes] Six steps to an effective small business transformation

Aug 31, 2020


“You’re tired of the negativity, office politics, revolving doors or teams not playing well with each other.

I’ve been there.

As a veteran of leading these undertakings, I’ve seen unbelievable turnarounds of toxic cultures, and I’ve seen equally incredible failures…

Perhaps it's dysfunctional or archaic processes turning allies into enemies. Or maybe it’s anarchy, and the culture you have today developed primarily by default and you are ready to turn it into something by design. Whatever it is, real change will require real change.”

Below is the link to my Forbes article with the six steps I recommend taking to lead a transformation to your culture that sticks, based on my experience on the front lines doing the very same thing.

Full article: https://rjg.global/3b9lnt4.


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