TT#008 - How I booked $53k+ in legit opportunities in 48 hours

Apr 26, 2022

Edit: The opportunities value and booking number have been updated to account for additional opportunities that came in.

With 1 message that I shared on social media and my email list, in 48 hours, I:

  • Booked 11 qualified discovery calls.
  • Filled the first cohort of my coaching program for solopreneurs.
  • Took in $14k+ in cash.
  • Started our waitlist for the next cohort.

But as one of my first targeted marketing campaigns, I also screwed up a couple things.

I broke that campaign down and analyzed it for what went well and what didn’t. Below is a summary of what I found and a 5 step process to nail this campaign next time around.

Now it’s yours to do the same.


Step 1: Create a “Godfather Offer.”

Maybe it’s because I spent the week helping my friend Robin Robins at her “GodMarketer” themed IT Marketing Bootcamp in Nashville last week. Or maybe it’s because I met Sammy “The Bull” Gravano while there.

Either way, the first step in executing a successful campaign is creating an offer that prospects can’t refuse.

Here was mine for solopreneurs & executive freelancers: I’ll build a client acquisition system with you for next 4 months with an investment of just $3,800.

Two people on the call literally said, “This is a no brainer.” Right? Win 1 client and ROI is delivered several times over.

This was a beta launch, so that price will never be seen again. But it was specifically designed to be tough to say no to for the right person.

Want to create an offer your prospects can’t refuse? Make sure you’ve got the following:

  1. A clearly and narrowly defined audience.
  1. A very clear problem that you are solving.
  1. A price that is dwarfed by the outcome.


Step 2: Write a compelling sales letter.

After you’ve built your Godfather Offer, the next step is positioning it to prospects with a compelling sales letter. Here’s the post I used on LinkedIn (feel free to give it a “Like” while you’re there).

Notice the post isn’t packed with features or details? That’s because sales letters should be written to help prospects understand the outcome(s) they get, not necessarily how they get it.

Want to create a compelling sales letter? Make sure you do these 4 things:

  1. A scroll-stopping headline or picture.
  1. Pique the reader’s curiosity, don’t squash it.
  1. Sell the appointment, not the entire solution.
  1. Provide an unmistakably clear call-to-action.


Step 3: Create a Master List of Lists.

I didn’t do this, and it was a mistake.

Before you launch your campaign, take inventory of the different lists you have to promote to and organize them. Trust me, you have more than you think.

I planned on blasting out my message on LinkedIn, where I generate >1.2 million views on content a year there. Makes sense, right?

I overlooked some embarrassingly obvious sources of leads, like people that have downloaded my lead magnets.

Dafuq was I thinking?

When my buddy asked about the email response the next day, I felt pretty dumb for not having blasted an email out. So I did, and took his advice to just own the mistake in the subject line.


 Want to create a Master List of Lists? Don’t overlook these 3 sources:

  1. Your personal social media profiles. People may not buy, but they can support.
  1. Your personal email list. Ask people to forward it to anyone it may apply to.
  1. People that have previously engaged in your content.


Step 4: Coordinate your launch, and solicit support.

I scheduled the coaching program launch for April 25 and I scheduled April 13 as the date to launch this campaign.

Now, I knew I’d get some momentum by announcing this on LinkedIn. But I wanted maximum momentum from this campaign. So I asked for help a little help from my friends.

Here’s the message I sent to about 10 of my friends to ask for help:



I wanted to make it easy for everyone, so on launch day, I also sent the following:



The engagement from other people helps boost the reach of social media posts by telling the algorithm it’s a post people are engaging with.

It also provides some social proof to people that may be seeing your name for the first time.

Want to enlist people to support your launch? The following tips will help:

  1. Create a written distribution plan for launch day.
  1. Ask people for help rather than assuming it.
  1. Make it easy for them to support you.


Step 5: Prepare yourself and your calendar to sell.

I was underprepared, and it was a mistake.

Marketing campaigns don’t always land. Depending on the quality of your offer, the clarity of your target market, and the reach you have with marketing assets, you may hear crickets and you may get slammed with activity.

Be prepared for your campaign to catch fire and clear your schedule for a few days and be ready to sell. Otherwise, you’re missing critical opportunities.

Want to be ultra-prepared to sell? Be sure to do the following:

  1. Create a simple follow-up process you can use for each inquiry.
  1. Overestimate the amount of time you need for follow-up and sales.
  1. Have a sales call process to follow (if you run discover / demo calls).

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