How you market affects how you sell

Dec 05, 2020

B2B businesses that don't adopt effective marketing practices are slowly killing the culture of their sales organizations.

Look at it this way:

You're a sales professional looking for a new role.

You have the option of working for two sales organizations:

Option one:

  • Very little marketing in place.

  • What marketing IS there is archaic.

  • You get passed "leads" that are really just a "list."

  • You have to drum up ALL the awareness w/cold calls.

  • You have to create ALL the interest from those calls.

  • And, of course, you have to sell + close.

Option two:

  • Modern, effective marketing strategies in place.

  • Target customers are aware of who you are.

  • Target customers are aware of what you do.

  • You get fewer "leads," but they're actually leads.

  • Calling is complementing marketing, not replacing it.

  • You spend more time doing your thing... selling.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd choose option two.

How you MARKET affects how you SELL.

HOW you sell affects WHO you can attract and retain to sell.

Archaic marketing practices =
Archaic sales practices =
Difficulty getting and keeping great salespeople.

To get and keep better salespeople over the long-haul...

You'll need to adopt better marketing practices.


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