Interview is not an indication of someone’s abilities

Jul 31, 2020


Years ago, at one of my first "real" sales job interviews...

I stood up to leave with both of us knowing - I was NOT getting the job.

We talked casually, then had a conversation that changed everything...

With the stress of the interview basically gone since I knew I botched the interview...

We started talking about the service they offered, which I absolutely loved.

I casually just started talking about why I loved it...

- It made a real difference in people's lives.
- It was in a field I was really passionate about.
- It had a rich history, which I could summarize from my head.

And this went on for 15 minutes..

And he looked at me and said:

"Think you could do that on the phone?"

Uh, yeah. With my hands tied behind my back.

They made me an offer, and I got to work.

I didn't miss a sales number for 3 years.

I was promoted to run the office.

I was promoted 5 more times.

And when I left - 16 years (!) later...

I was leading a national, multi-channel business unit.

I SUCK at interviews. Even to this day.

But I could do the job.

If you're in leadership, it'd be wise to look for the best person...

Not the best interviewer.


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