Manage your career by managing your money

Feb 03, 2021

Getting stuck in a shitty company with a shitty boss sucks.

It can be avoided though.

One "non-business" tool to ensure you never to be stuck again?

Living below your means.

My wife and I lived on cash envelopes for many years.

Withdrawing what we needed for 2 weeks, and nothing more.

It was a system we learned from Dave Ramsey to save for a house.

But we kept the system well after our first house.

And our next house.

And through various promotions, including into a CEO role.

That system created a lot of freedom for us.

Enough to do what I thought was right in companies.

To fire some shitty bosses and clients.

To be fired by some.

Take chances.

And take some unorthodox paths (like moving to Mexico).

Runway creates freedom in decision making.

In life and business.



I can't really take much credit here.

There's a reason those envelopes weren't in my possession.

A supportive, disciplined partner helps a lot, too.


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