Sales problems and revenue problems are different

Feb 19, 2021

Sales problems aren't the same as revenue problems.

The approach to solving one is wildly different than the other.

Here's how we differentiate between the two:

The SOURCE of sales problems...

Is in sales.

Things like:

- the process
- the scripting
- the messaging
- the comp plans
- the coaching
- the training

Problems that AFFECT sales, but the SOURCE is elsewhere...

Are revenue problems.

Things like:

- the marketing mix
- the brand of the org
- the value proposition
- how the value prop is positioned
- the org operating system
- the org strategy
- the org culture

The end result is the same: Underperforming sales.

But the approach to turning it around is very different.

And getting it wrong leads to a lot of wasted time + money.


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