Shitty systems lead to shitty cultures

Feb 10, 2021

If a shitty sales culture persists after firing bad actors...

I have some bad news: 

It’s not the people on the team. 

More often than not, it’s...

  1. Ineffective leadership.

  2. Shitty systems throughout the business frustrating people.

  3. Lack of systems altogether, creating chaos and frustrating people.

And number 2 and 3 are leadership’s responsibility. 

Sure, sometimes you have a few poisonous people. 

But our sales organization audits have consistently demonstrated:

Underneath most low morale environments… 

Are usually legitimate criticisms. 

About legitimate problems.

Find and solve them, and you not only improve the business… 

You boost morale. 

And reverse the cycle.

Sometimes you gotta lean into criticism. 


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