Taking a risk can lead to great results

Aug 06, 2020


As a sales manager, I interviewed a GREAT candidate.

But HR didn't like that his former employer wouldn't verify employment.

So I asked, "Can you STOP me from hiring him, or just not support me doing it?"

You see, this person had a pretty terrible experience at his prior employer.

Harassment, ridicule, toxic culture, and more.

So, he left after a particularly bad day.

He was entirely upfront about.

And the prior employer elected to not verify employment.

It was a formality, and I knew that.

He could do the job & was a great culture fit.

So, I wanted to know, can HR STOP me from hiring someone...

...or just pass along a recommendation for me to consider?

Turns out, they considered the question and said...

"Well, no. We don't recommend you move forward, but I guess you CAN."

So I did.

He went on to:
- Be President's Club multiple years in a row
- Our top new business sales representative with an average sale 4x (!!!) higher than the team average.
- Be a key player when it came to maintaining culture for nearly 10 years.

It may not work in your organization, and maybe I found a loophole...

But I trusted my gut and took a risk.

One that paid off for both of us.

And his former boss ended up in the news 2 years later.



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