Taking a step backwards now can mean having permanent benefit in the future

Aug 31, 2020


I took a pay cut going from sales to management.

I thought it was a "step backwards."

But that was the wrong way to look at it.

That "step backwards" meant earning more short-term...

In exchange for learning a skill that paid more long-term.

It was a small investment in “me,” with a real ROI.

And this has played out my entire life, with:

- Temporary pay cuts
- Ventures that took time to build
- Training & coaching that took time and money

All had some temporary "cost" for permanent "benefit."

- More money
- More options
- More freedom
- More skills
- More experience

If you have the opportunity to:

EARN more in the short-term, or...
LEARN something with payoff in the long-term...

Be sure to play the tape ALL the way through.

And assess what long-term potential is being created.


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