The 4 highlights from the book Teams of Teams

Dec 03, 2020

General McChrystal’s book, Team of Teams, was an incredible read.

A few of my favorite highlights:

“Organizations must be constantly led, or if necessary, be pushed uphill towards what it must be. Stop pushing and it doesn’t continue, or even rest in place, it rolls backwards.”

“Complicated is not the same thing as complex... Complicated problems require great effort but ultimately yielded to prediction. Complexity means in spite of our increased ability to track and measure, the world has become - in many ways - vastly less predictable. This unpredictability is fundamentally incompatible with reductionist managerial models based around planning and prediction. A new environment requires a new approach.”

“Resilience thinking is the inverse of the hubris of predictive thinking.”

“If we cannot control the volatile tides of change, we must learn to build better boats.”

I share all my highlights, notes and a quick video overview of this - and a new book every couple weeks - with the Sales Leadership Foundations community in our forum.


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