The 6 things that contributed to 6 promotions

Dec 17, 2020

6 promotions at one organization changed the trajectory of my career.

Here are 6 things I believe contributed to them most.

1. I spoke truth to power.

I spoke up when I disagreed - respectfully and with context for why.

2. I presented ideas to grow the business.

When I had ideas for improvements, I wrote them down and presented them.

3. I built cross-functional relationships.

I was in sales, but I build relationships in HR, communications, etc. and all played a role in my long-term ability to get wins.

4. I did my job.

For three years in sales, I never missed a monthly goal.

5. I did more than my job.

I found ways to make life easier for the team or my boss that were well outside my job description.

6. I never stopped learning and improving.

I knew the product and process, but I was always immersed in books, development, and ways to improve.

Yes, luck plays a role.

Yes, right place and right time helps.

But one thing is for sure:

Sitting around waiting for those promotions won't get you far.

Being proactive...

About improving the business.
About improving yourself.
About improving others. a great way to ensure "opportunity meets preparation."


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