The 6 things to consider when the sales are stuck

Dec 09, 2020

When sales are stuck in an organization, I look at 6 things:

1. Value Proposition

Have you justified being in business with a strong value proposition.

2. Marketing

How effective are the marketing practices you are using to create awareness and attract customers to your business.

3. Conversion

How effective are the sales practices and processes you are using to turn prospects into sales.

4. Retention

How are you keeping customers, or multiplying them through referrals.

5. Culture

What is the environment of your organization and how does it affect both the team and customer success.

6. Strategy

Is everyone clear on the direction you are supposed to be headed.

I call this an organization's Growth System.

The different parts that - together - drive growth.

Or don’t.

“Fixing sales” is very often a function of fixing something else.

Or fixing how they work together.

The right Rx requires the right diagnosis.



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