TT#037 - The content framework I've used to drive $800k in organic client revenue...

Nov 15, 2022
TT#037 - The content framework I've used to drive $800k in organic client revenue...

To win premium clients online, you just need to show up, add value, and post consistently. If you do that, it'll start raining client revenue for you in no time at all. 

Or so a lot of the gurus will tell you.

If you’ve followed this advice, you may be familiar with the frustration that comes from creating a shitload of content, pouring your heart and soul into it, and hearing... crickets. 

I know. I've been there. 

Creating content that actually generates leads and sales isn't rocket science. But it is something that needs to be done on purpose. And the purpose isn't just to "teach people" or "add value," as we're often told to do. 

There are 3 primary purposes of content that helps drive your business forward:

  1. Demonstrate authority and credibility.
  2. Build trust in you as a person and an expert.
  3. Create awareness, interest, and intent from ideal clients. 

Over the past few years, I've developed a simple framework for creating content that hits the mark on all 3 of these–and helps make the issue of finding things to write about a lot easier.  

It's the same framework I've used to drive more than $800k in client revenue on LinkedIn. All without spending a dime on paid ads or exposure.  

And it's the same one I teach members of my coaching program to help convert attention into sales.

The Framework


Problems are the facts. They're the who / what / when / where / why of the situation your ideal client finds themselves in. 


Pains are the feelings. They're the emotional impact of the problem. The frustration. The anxiety. The sense of being stuck. 


Mistakes are the mistakes they’re making trying to solve this on their own, without your help or expertise. 

Promised Land

The promised land is the future state they're aspiring to experience. And the place you’ll help them reach if they hire you.

Using the Framework

When you use this framework as a guide for your content, you consistently and repeatedly communicate to prospective clients that you...

Understand their situation (problem): This boosts the authority of your expertise. 

Understand how they're feeling (pain): This boosts likability and trust in you as a person. 

Understand why the problem is a problem (mistakes): This boosts the credibility of your solution. 

Understand where they want to go (promised land). This boosts their confidence that you can get them there. 

How does it look in action? Well, let's get a little meta here and look at what I've written this article so far, shall we? 

Mistake: I’m highlighting the common mistake of writing content for the wrong reasons. Some of those reasons are to "add value," teach, or get likes. But those things alone won't necessarily lead to conversions. 

Pain: I’m highlighting that I know how it feels to bust your ass creating content that goes nowhere. It's frustrating and demoralizing. Especially for people that have been successful in their career and are generally perceived to be pretty smart. 

Problem: I’m highlighting the underlying challenge of getting clients from content. And reinforcing that it can be done, if it’s done properly. 

Promised Land: Drawing on above, I’m proving that content can deliver premium clients. I know because I've done it. And I've worked with plenty of other people that have, too. 

Putting It To Work For You

There are no silver bullets when it comes to content marketing. But this framework will help you generate content consistently and intentionally.

Before you start using it, I recommend spending some time thinking about your ideal client (avatar, persona, ICP, target market, or whatever the marketing kids are calling it these days). 

Put yourself in their shoes and really think through how they describe the problem(s). In their words. For example, what would they Google right now to try and solve this on their own? 

Next, consider how they talk about the problem(s) to people they're close with. Ask yourself, "How they would describe the situation, or how they’re feeling about it, to their spouse or best friend?" 

Then, think through all the wrong ways people are going about trying to solve all of this on their own. Think about past clients and what they told you. Better yet, think back on the prospects you knew you could help, but they wouldn't let you. What were they doing? 

Lastly, paint a clear and concise explanation of what it looks like when they get the solution they need and let you do your best work. If you can articulate that, you give them a reason to make the investment - both in time and money. 

Do this consistently and you'll be speaking their language on the things that matter most. All while boosting your authority, credibility, and trust as the expert that can help them get where they want to be.

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