The prescription is only as good as the diagnosis

Feb 17, 2021

We usually aren’t the first call execs make to solve sales challenges. 

They’ve usually tried quite a few other options first. 

Oftentimes getting what solution providers have…

Instead of what they need.

Call a sales training company...

They tend to sell you sales training. 

Call a sales coaching company...

They tend sell your sales coaching. 

Call a CRM company...

They tend to sell you their CRM. 

That’s fine, so long as that’s what you really need.

But the problems you see aren’t necessarily the source of them.

Which is why when we come in to audit a sales organization…

Businesses have a collection of sales “solutions.”

And still have the same (or new) problems.  

Because the prescription is only as good as the diagnosis. 

The wrong prescriptions don’t solve the root-level problems.

And they often have some nasty side effects.

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