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TT#053 - Turn your weekends into leads...

Mar 14, 2023
TT#053 - Turn your weekends into leads...

“You could spend this weekend creating a 1-off resource. It’s going to produce thousands of relevant leads, position you as an expert and produce consistent business”.

Sounds like it might be too good to be true.

But here’s the thing. Lead Magnets are one of the single most underrated pieces of marketing infrastructure for building a healthy pipeline.

If you’re unfamiliar with the lingo, lead magnets are a free, value-adding resource you can exchange for some piece of digital information. Like an email.

And if you build them right, they:

  • Connect you to thousands of ideal clients, and create more goodwill than you could possibly imagine.
  • Make your expertise obvious to anybody watching.
  • Can singlehandedly create a 4/5/6 figure mailing list.

The tragic thing?

Most people get this in concept but fail on the execution.

This newsletter is my attempt to help you build a lead-magnet that’ll help you generate high quality leads while you sleep.

1. Don’t Underestimate Video

When it comes to producing huge returns with a lead magnet, video is your secret weapon.

Video creates trust and credibility. Prospects get to see how you speak and how you look. It feels almost as if they’ve ‘met’ you.

While a lot of e-books are great (hell, I’ve written one), they’re impersonal and don’t build authority as well as video does. Especially when ChatGPT is writing half of the ebooks out there today.

But the real problem is getting people to consume resources like ebooks.

Even though they can provide extraordinary value, it’s pretty rare that anybody sits down and reads them cover to cover.

Prospects typically skim them and don’t take immediate action. Which makes it very hard for you to add value.

Checklists and short guides are more digestible, but they don’t necessarily say “I need to book a call with this person right now.”

When you use video, you’re beginning to build a relationship. You’re positioning yourself as an expert and not just somebody on the internet with an opinion.

2. Solve A High Priority Problem

If you’re not solving a relevant problem, then you’re not adding value.

Create a resource for the juiciest, biggest ‘hair-on-fire’ problem your ideal client has.

Once you’ve decided on the problem, I recommend thinking of your lead magnet as a mini-product.

What transformation (however small) are you helping your prospect under go?

Work out where they are before they use your lead magnet. Where do you want them to end up afterwards?

The ‘quality’ of your lead magnet depends on how effectively you help them cross the bridge from A to B.

The more you offer, the more trust and credibility you build. That translates into higher quality opportunities.

3. Load It With Relevant Pain Points

“When your prospects thinks you understand their problem better than they do, they’re almost ready to buy.”

Your clients have problems, but they also have pains.

Problems are more or less factual. “I don’t have enough sales” is a problem. “My ads aren’t working” is a problem.

But the pains are why it keeps them up at night. “I’m afraid I won’t make payroll and staff will leave” is a pain. “I’m anxious that I can’t afford private school tuition for my kids” is a pain.

Don’t make the mistake of only talking about problems. It leaves your prospects nodding along, without really feeling like you understand where they’re at.

But when you use pain-point language, you’re demonstrating that you get it. That you understand not just the problem your prospects have, but why they want it to go away.

It makes for a much more engaging resource for your prospect, and positions you as somebody who can actually help.

4. Prove That You’re The Expert

If your prospects aren’t convinced you’re someone worth listening to, it won’t matter how awesome your lead magnet is:

They won’t use it, and they won’t benefit from it.

So you need to let them know what makes you credible, and what makes you different from all the other consultants/coaches out there.

On the front end of any lead magnet you create, share your unique selling proposition (USP). Share your track record, what makes you different, and why you’re worth listening to.

It’s not about bragging. It’s about helping your prospects understand why your ideas are worth listening to.

And frustrating as it might be: without that commitment, your lead magnet won’t be able to deliver the mini transformation you’ve promised, and you won’t have added any value.

5. Build Relationships With High Value Emails

I recommend using a 3-part email sequence as follow-up to your lead magnet.

To make sure that these actually build on the relationship you’ve started, each email should:

  • Address a problem.
  • Address a pain.
  • Have a Call To Action.

Only talk about one problem per email, and make sure that you’re focusing on the 1-3 highest priority problems.

This sequence of emails is an opportunity to show your prospects: I get it. I understand the problems you’re dealing with and I understand why they’re painful.

And therefore, if you need some support, I’m somebody who’s able to provide an effective solution.


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