Why does culture matter?

Aug 14, 2020


"Culture" seems like an ambiguous term to a lot of people.

How do you measure it? Or the "value" of it? Or ROI?

It's hard to pin down and quantify, until you've:
- Operated with a team that suppressed egos to help one another.

- Worked with people that look at the team goal like a professional sports team looks at a title.

- Seen how much faster a rookie ramps up when the whole team is invested in their success.

- Tried to measure how much better a team is that proactively shares best practices.

- Witnessed a team that self regulates poison, toxicity, and naysaying.

- Experienced what happens when people can speak up about what to improve.

- And more.

Trying to quantify it can be tough.

But when you've seen it on display at EITHER end of the spectrum - good or bad...

It's clear that a spreadsheet will never do it justice.

The benefit is exponential, both for the business and the employee.


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