TT#016 - Your prospects deserve a better sales process…

Jun 21, 2022
Your prospects deserve a better sales process…

Does your (coaching, consulting, contracting) service truly help your clients?

With your help, do they experience a transformation they likely wouldn’t on their own?

If so, anything less than a fully optimized sales process is letting people down.

Because every qualified sale you (or your salesperson) loses is a missed opportunity for a client to get a positive result.

That’s why I coach founders and salespeople that:

Sales isn’t a 4-letter word. We serve clients by selling them.

So why do so many people shy away from learning and executing a good sales process?

I’ve heard just about every excuse known to man for this, but they usually fall into 1 of 3 general buckets.

Below are those general buckets (and why they shouldn’t be preventing you from helping more people):

“I don’t want to be pushy…”

Nor should you.

Pushy sales processes result in:

  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Chargebacks
  • Wasted time onboarding
  • Reputational damage
  • And more…

A properly designed sales process pulls prospects in, helps them identify what their real challenges & opportunities are, and leads them to make a decision in their best interest.

If that’s not to do business with you, fine.

Your job is not to convince - or push - people to buy with you.

Your job is to expose and highlight why they should, then let them make a decision.

”I’m uncomfortable doing sales…”

If you’re in the coaching, consulting, or fractional contracting business, you’re in the business of change.

Change in mindset.

Change in behaviors.

Change in strategy.

Change in feelings.

Change in something.

No change? No reason to buy.

And change usually means discomfort.

You challenge clients to get out of their comfort zone, make impactful changes in their best interest, and get better results.

Shouldn’t you be pushing yourself to do the same for your own business?

“I’m not sure what ‘good’ looks like…”

This, I understand.

And I hear this as much from people that have never sold before as much as I do from people that have 15 and 20 years of sales experience.

Selling yourself as a product is different - and I’d argue more difficult - than any other sale because it’s deeply personal. For example:

  • It’s harder to say no when people aren’t a perfect fit.
  • Rejection feels worse than it would if you were selling a widget.
  • And you have to balance authority and empathy more than any other sales process.

So, what does a “good” sales process that helps you overcome these challenges and close more deals look like?

I got you.

I’ve listened to thousands of consultative sales calls.

And I’ve closed, or led sales teams to close, nearly $10 million in consultative sales in the past 2 years.

I know what works, why it works, and how to create a process that will work for virtually any consulting, coaching, or fractional contracting sale.

And I’ve got a playbook with the same sales process I install for my highest paying clients that you can get for absolutely free - here.

If you use this, rest assured you’re using a good process.

Your sales process doesn’t have to let prospective clients (or your business) down.

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