Thanks a million for bothering to read this. Since you're here, I'll get straight to the point. 

I've been a fan of your since your first appearance on Tim Ferriss' podcast. In fact, that show helped me out of a rut that I actually wrote about when I was blogging more actively (Activity does not equal productivity). Since then, I've become a bigger and bigger fan, notably because of how you inspire independent thought by practicing it. Your recent post on Medium about the culture of Silicon Valley is a great example, as is your decision to be more remote, encourage diversity with your kids, etc. We also happen to share a great many views about the the happenings in D.C. 

I say all this to frame my ask. I'm enrolled in Southern Methodist University's Executive MBA program and one of my current classes is Leadership. In it, we are asked to conduct 6 interviews with business leaders we admire. So, I figured, "Fuck it, I'm going to swing for the fences with these interview requests and ask people I really want to hear from, even if it's a long shot to get a response." Hence, my request: I'd like to ask for 30 minutes of your valuable time to interview you about your approach and attitude towards leadership. 

You have incredible insight as a leader not only because you are required to lead at LOWERCASE, but you also have the experience of having analyzed hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs for leadership capability. It would be a unique opportunity to hear from you with all that perspective. 

I know you get requests all the time and I recognize the probability is low, but I'm ok with some rejection and I know we miss 100% of the shots we don't take. 

If you're wiling to invest 30 minutes of your time, I'd be happy to make it incredibly convenient for you. I'm absolutely willing to travel to meet in-person (and if you want some peace of mind that I'm not a crazy person, you can find more info about me here and here). If that's not possible for you, I'd be happy to do 30 minutes via phone or even email you questions to ponder and respond to. 

Please just let me know below, and if helpful, my direct contact information is also below.

Sincere and humble thanks for even reading this.

- Ray

Email: rayjgreen{at}

Phone: 972-467-6673