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A coaching program designed to help solopreneurs breakthrough and scale growth.

❌ Stop chasing work you're overqualified for.  

 Stop undercharging and trying to outwork it.

 Stop selling yourself short in marketing & sales.

 Stop putting your well-being last & putting clients' first.

✅ Start winning clients you want and doing work you're proud of.  

 Start commanding price premiums with a strong brand & social proof.  

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Let Me Help You Scale Your Business in 4 Months


Hands-On Coaching + Deep Dive Content + Proven Process + A Curated Mastermind = Guaranteed Success


4 mo. coaching program includes:

  • Gameplan Session with me to audit your business & create an action plan. 

  • Detailed, step-by-step roadmap to build your client acquisition system.

  • Support with productizing and systematizing your services.

  • Open coaching calls every week to build and maintain momentum.

  • Access to all the deep dive sales & marketing courses we sell.

  • Membership in our Repeatable Revenue mastermind & community. 

  • Client-only events, webinars, and training every month.


This program is currently limited to 5 new clients per month.

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In Their Words


Lee Lisemby, MBB

Ops & Mgmt Consultant, Leading Semiconductor Foundry

Ray is a unicorn in the marketing world.  His rare combination of talents and knowledge has helped us immensely when our startup business was in a very fragile place. 

I’m confident that if we didn’t find Ray and bring him on board, my business would be nothing more than an afterthought. 

Ray and I worked side-by-side for six months and he not only saved our business but taught me many valuable business building lessons.  

Eric Fernwood

Founder, Fernwood Real Estate Investments
Ray is one of those rare people who can see a complicated mess and get to the root of the problem.
He created our marketing foundation, rebranded our business, and created a marketing plan for us that we are rolling out, and the results are outstanding.
Due to his success with our marketing, we also engaged him to help our sales process. Once again, exceptional results. We’re in the process of starting a new business, and our first step was to get Ray engaged.
We view Ray as a key member of our management team. I highly recommend Ray, and if you wish to talk to someone who has worked closely with him, contact me. 


Gevorg Hayrapetian

Founder and CEO of Brand Factory

Working with Ray is a game changer… Not only is Ray a great partner, but an amazing mentor.

The mentorship, guidance and always being there when needed support took the way I conduct business to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a professional who can bring indescribable value, responsible and sustainable growth, look no further.  

Adrian Paschkow

Founder, Tradesmart & Philanthropist

As an entrepreneur with no business background, one of the best decisions I made was working with Ray.

It’s rare to find someone that is as invested in your business as you are.

Through solid market research and in depth interviews, he developed a professional and creative brand image and go-to-market strategy. 

Ray’s wide network of contacts has also been an invaluable resource, ensuring that other parts of my business like finance get the attention it needs. 

I continue to keep Ray on as a coach and mentor and find the extra set of eyes on my business invaluable.

Caleb Potter

Founder, JCP Sales Solutions

I had the privilege of benefiting from Ray's coaching & leadership across several roles over the past decade…

The sales acumen I have been able to absorb from Ray over the years has catapulted the evolution of my career, with it all stemming from a leadership style that allowed me to flourish.

Leading, and being someone people want to follow, are very different traits, and Ray exemplifies the latter.

Kevin Hodgkins

AE, Saas Academy

I had 8 years of sales experience, but the way Ray explains the sales process from a psychology perspective is impressive. 

The importance of how to use the right questions at the right time is something I have never heard before. 

There is a lot of science in how a demo call should be run and Ray explains the step by step process on how the whole sales sequence should go. 

From personal experience Ray has helped me close $162k in revenue in a month. 

Look no further for a bad ass sales system.

Ben Utley

Founder and CEO, Physician Family Advisors

Working with Ray was like having my very own marketing Swiss Army knife. He had a tool for every challenge I faced and helped me use them to get more clients.

Mal J Smith

COO at Victory Lab Micro-Clean LLC
Ray helped me deconstruct my value prop, assess “pain points” that we address, and identify our most valuable marketing asset. 
I had a blast on this one and several pages of notes. 
Thanks Ray!


George Stephan

Managing Partner, Watermelon Social

Ray approaches problems with a holistic, inside/out mindset and is very effective vs. other sales consultants.

I highly recommend Ray for any business owner that needs candid, effective insights to build sales.

Nann Philips

Founder, Scurry Street Management

I've had the pleasure of working with Ray Green for more than a decade.

I have been witness to his exceptional understanding of sales process in many different organizational settings.

While he no doubt possesses whipsmart business acumen, what is more impressive is his intuition with people and his emotional intelligence.

He communicates with perception and clarity. Most importantly, he listens with intent. As a business owner, I know how lucky I am to have him as an ally.

Eric Nekich

Sales Manager, 5th Axis Workholding

…I feel like I ripped you off with the pre-order.  The content is easily worth ten times what I paid.  

Narrowing the focus was something I needed to hear.  Focusing on being an expert and how that can open the way to premium pricing… this approach will set us apart and break us free.

I really loved the advice on avoiding hourly opportunities also. This will change our offering for sure.

Shawn Buxton

Sales & Sales Leadership Consultant

Hey Ray, Big thanks to you for making this information available.

Your transparency and insights… confirmed my suspicion I was headed down dead end roads.

At times I was… asking questions in my mind and you literally addressed them in the next slide! I have the expertise but wasn't quite sure of the road map and was getting tired of spinning my wheels!

I now feel like I have a much clearer direction and know what steps to take next.

Much respect and thank you for putting this together.

Cleo Li

Fernwood Real Estate Group

Ray Green delivered more value in his 30 min sales training than the multi thousand dollar sales trainings big corporations give to their sales reps that I went through.

Brandon Grieve

Sales Engineer and Sales Enablement Expert

I've been going through Ray J. Green's new Online Client Acquisition System program. Absolutely love it!

No frills, no fillers…just practical, approachable real-world advice from someone who has been there.

I consider this a MUST for any would-be entrepreneur or solopreneur.

Worth every penny and more!

Gene Sieders

Commercial Sales Manager

I needed help in producing a comprehensive sales playbook and sales operations playbook for our sales team.

I could not have been more impressed with Ray's ability to understand our industry, build a timeline, and execute a plan to complete the project….

Ray's education and long career history were evident in his work.

If you are looking for a sales pro, you won't find a better resource than Ray Green. Truly genius work.

Mary Henderson

Founder, Mary Henderson Coaching

Ray J Green I just downloaded your sales workbook and you are brilliant.  I love your approach.  Pure gold.