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Build Your Online Client Acquisition System

Learn in this course: 

  • Step-by-step how to build a simple client acquisition system for solopreneurs.

  • How to narrow your focus and stop changing directions, headlines, and audiences.

  • What productizing your services means and how to use it to eliminate time-wasting work, like proposals. 

  • How to start marketing yourself and your services organically without complicated systems or technology.  

  • How to price your services to avoid ending up overworked and underpaid. 

  • What the key ingredients for the "free call" you offer prospects are, and how to use them to close better clients.

  • And more...

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Create a Laser Focused Target Market


Learn in this course: 

  • Why acquiring premium clients all starts with understanding your target market.

  • How targeting the right market leads to better everything (messaging, ROI, sales, project quality, and more).

  • Step-by-step, how to define the perfect client for your business and go find them.

  • What the difference between problems & pains are, and why that’s critical for sales and marketing.

  • The most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when honing in on target markets, and how to avoid them.

  • How to use the tools & templates included in the course to pick the right market for you & your business.

  • And more...

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Rock Your Sales Call Course


Learn in this course: 

  • Diagnostic & consultative selling 101, and why you don’t need sales experience to close like a pro.

  • Why pushy sales tactics actually prevent you from closing your best prospects.

  • Exactly how to start every call with the rapport and credibility you need for premium pricing.

  • The importance of discovery, and how to execute it so that prospects practically sell themselves.

  • How to handle objections without being combative and have prospects share what’s below the surface. .

  • How to use the tools & templates included in the course to write your own talk track and sell consistently (even if you don’t like sales).

  • And more...

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