Projects Designing & Rebuilding High Performing Cultures


Creating productive and positive cultures is really just about Hawaiian shirt Friday and celebrating office birthdays , right? Here is some advice, free of charge: Wheeling in a ping pong table to improve your culture is like having a baby to fix your marriage.

A poor or incomplete attempt to improve your organization’s culture can actually do more damage than doing nothing at all.

Designing and implementing high performing, positive, and sustainable cultures requires getting brutally honest about your organization - who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

I have successfully led these initiatives and witnessed first-hand the impact that organizational culture has productivity, innovation, revenue growth, retention, and other key drivers of future profitability. My experience has included:

  • Developing core values and principles for teams, business units, and companies.

  • Integrating values and principles-based management into sales environments.

  • Designing implementation plans to ensure rollout is effective.

  • Management training on values and principles-based leadership.

  • Refresher workshops, training, and engagement.

Each project is priced according to the scope. Please schedule time with the link below to assess your organization’s needs.

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