First, thanks a million for even bothering to read this. Since you're here, I'll get right to the point. 

I'm in the latter half of completing my Executive MBA at Southern Methodist University. Our current class is Leadership and we've been asked to complete 6 interviews with business leaders. I figured, what the hell, I'm going to make the most of this assignment and swing for the fences with my requests. Hence, this request: I'd love to do a 30 minute interview with you on leadership.

The perspective you can offer is particularly unique because you can speak not just to your own unique leadership style, but you also have the perspective of watching hundreds of other leaders in action through your investments. You are among a very small number of people that can offer that degree of insight into the impact leadership can have on an enterprise. 

I know you get a million of these requests. I know this is a long shot. But, as they say, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I'd rather get a no than miss an incredible opportunity. So, if you happen to want to help a Dallas-based, student, executive, and entrepreneur out with 30 minutes of you valuable time, I'd be most grateful. (If you want to ensure I'm not a crazy person, more about me is here.)

Either way, I sincerely appreciate all your leadership in Dallas and remain a huge fan. 

If you are willing to invest 30 minutes for an interview, please just let me know below. And if helpful, my direct contact information is also below. 

Sincere and humble thanks for even reading this.

- Ray

Email: rayjgreen{at}

Phone: 972-467-6673