Strategic Marketing Initiatives

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Capitalizing on market opportunities requires knowing what and where they are.

As former operators, my team and I bring a unique perspective to strategic marketing initiatives because we have not only been responsible for conducting a wide range of marketing research projects, but we have been responsible for creating go-to-market plans based on the data and then executing those plans.

Our experience in helping define opportunities for growth and develop strategies to capture that growth through strategic marketing initiatives is vast, and includes:

  • Using data-driven market research to identify new markets for the world’s largest business federation and building a digital platform to capture this market, increase customer engagement 33x, and increasing the number of customers acquired in a year for the first time in more than a decade.

  • Conducting market research for a private equity backed “for impact” company to overhaul products, developing the strategy to get those products to specific markets, and leading the hands-on execution of that strategy. This initiative increased demand so quickly that 6-9 months of inventory was depleted in less than 1 month. And one of the products we led the release of won the Gold Davey’s Award for best digital design.

  • Helping a boutique, entrepreneurial baby-bedding business fully maximize a customer base by quadrupling prices.

We have a strong balance between analytics, marketing, and sales, meaning, and because we are all former operators, we are capable of supporting strategic marketing research and planning with a unique insight. And we have done this in a wide range of industries and business-types, including:

  • Fortune 100 companies

  • Nonprofits and trade associations

  • Startups

  • Hyper-aggressive growth companies

  • Turnarounds

  • Private equity backed companies

  • Private, for impact companies

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