Delivering happiness to Las Vegas

Last month I had the opportunity to see Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, deliver a keynote at America's Small Business Summit, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's annual small business pilgrimage to the nation's capital.  

Tony's book, Delivering Happiness, had a profound impact on my approach to leadership and management. I credit his book with sparking my passion in corporate culture and recognizing the importance culture has on the performance of teams, organizations, and, in some cases, entire industries. Over the years I've probably bought and shared more than 100 copies of his book, so I was pretty excited to see him speak. 

As expected, he spoke about Zappos and the importance of their culture. He also spoke about the incredible effort he and others are investing in reinventing downtown Las Vegas, appropriately named the Downtown Project. It's a big, impressive vision that rethinks angel investing, venture capital, incubators, and the lean startup concept. All at once. Learn more about it here

He was kind enough to share the slide deck he used and give permission to share with others. So, here it is. Hope you enjoy.