So, what are you going to do about it?

I recently found out that a friend of mine who regularly talks politics, doesn’t vote. It surprised me, given how opinionated he is on the subject. And it kind of disappointed me.

It’s a relatively free country. No one is required to vote and often times, not voting is a vote of sorts. I get it and, for the most part, to each their own. 

Politics aside, it made me think about how often people observe problems, bitch incessantly about them, and do absolutely nothing to fix them.

If you don’t like how someone treated you, have you told everyone except the person that needs to hear it most?  

If you work for a company that is doing shit wrong, have you brought it to anyone’s attention and proposed a better way?

If your employees’ performance isn’t worth a damn, are they aware of what you’re thinking? And do they have a clear direction on how to improve?  

No one writes books on how to observe and bitch about problems. That's easy. The question is, are you doing anything to actually solve them?