#BestAdvice: A new blog series

Yesterday I wanted to know where a terrific quote I saved a few months ago was. I checked Notes on my phone, checked Evernote, scrolled through my tweets, searched Gmail. No go. Couldn't find it. Lost forever, or for awhile. 

This got me thinking. I'm constantly consuming information. And occasionally I come across something really terrific that I want to save for later. Not the run of the mill good stuff, but the stuff that really makes me think and I don't ever want to forget. But saving it and finding it later isn't always that simple. I may hear it on a podcast, an audiobook, a read it in a magazine, or, heaven forbid, hear it an actual conversation with another human being. I try to save them, but I seem to have them littered in all the various places I save things. 

So, I elected to solve my own problem using my blog and Twitter. Here's how. 

When I come across something I love and want to save for later, I'm posting it here and sharing it on Twitter. I'll be able to find it by clicking on the #BestAdvice tag below or #BestAdvice hashtag on Twitter

Problem solved. 

Bonus: It's public, so if you want to check out what I think is the best of the best, have at it. Click on the tag below or search the hashtag on Twitter. Hell, feel free to contribute anything you happen to find to be amazing advice with the hashtag. Would love to see what you think is advice worth remembering forever. 

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me to let me know what you think. And I wouldn't mind if you followed me on Twitter