The best hour and a half of audio I've listened to in a long time

There are a couple podcasts to I listen to periodically, but like most people, I don't have time to listen to as many as I'd like. That said, the podcast I do find time to listen to pretty regularly is Tim Ferriss'. I've listened (and re-listened) to a great many episodes and every time I tune in, I learn something new. And I usually laugh a little while I do. Learning is, of course, the point of Ferriss' show since most episodes are conversations or interviews with the brightest and highest performing people in a very diverse set of professional fields. 

Every episode is informative, so I've never taken the time to link to a specific one. Until now. This episode is different in the sense that Tim is being interviewed instead of the other way around. It's densely packed with new and useful information on stoicism, productivity, and all the other things he has become known for. It's an hour and a half long, which is a significant investment of time. That said, in my very humble opinion, it will pay dividends. This is hands down the best hour and a half of audio I've listened to in a long time. Hope you enjoy.