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Online Client Acquisition System

The exact system I used to go from $0 to $70k+/mo. in client-based revenue from a remote beach in Baja.


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4.8 / 5 star review from 200+ students

The Online Client Acquisition System has helped 150+ solopreneurs launch scalable service businesses.


Tom Schaeffer  

Ray - this is absolute GOLD. First - the value is incredible. The deep dives are perfect on productization, marketing, and sales...

Brandon Grieve

I've been going through Ray J. Green's new Online Client Acquisition System. Absolutely love it! No frills, no fillers... just practical, approachable real-world advice from someone who has been there. I consider this a MUST for any entrepreneur or solopreneur. Worth every penny and more! 

Wayne Morris

I'm going through your course! I feel like you made this just for me, it resonates in a huge way, great job! 


Build Your Business With Confidence

🔓 Unlock Lifetime Access for $150 USD

Whats included?

Narrow Your Focus

The clearer your vision is of what you're building, the easier it is to create a roadmap to get there. 

Learn how I developed a crystal clear vision for the business and converted confusion into confidence. 

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Define Your Target Market

If you want to win premium clients and do work you love at rates you deserve - you have to define what that looks like.

Learn why specializing is essential for growth, and how to do it. 

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Productize Your offer

Ditch the chaotic process of selling everyone something different and create products from your knowledge and expertise. 

Learn how to build systems to consistently solve valuable problems. So you can off more value and earn higher rates in less time. 

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Build a Simple Marketing Machine

You don't need an expensive, complex marketing structure to deliver the clients of your dreams to your inbox. 

Learn how to build a simple, but wildly effective, marketing system that will help you launch - and scale - your business. 

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Drive Targeted Traffic

You're probably overlooking sources of traffic you can leverage today to start conversations with prospective clients. 

Learn exactly how I used free platforms like LinkedIn to drive $15-30k/mo. clients to my productized services. 

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Create a No Friction Sales Process

The worlds most popular business coaches and consultants have paid a lot of money for my consultative sales process. 

Learn each step of this sales process and get access to the sales playbook I've used to drive $10+ million in consultative sales. 

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Bonus: Most Important Lessons

Get special access to the most important lessons I've learned, so you can avoid making the same mistakes and accelerate your path to success. 

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

I'm on a mission to help 10,000 solopreneurs build remote, lifestyle businesses they love. With clients they respect. Doing work they enjoy. Earning what they deserve. 

This is the exact framework I used to get unstuck and use to coach solopreneuers hands-on.

Accelerate Your Progress and Avoid Costly Mistakes.


- 3 short hours

- Access to playbooks.

- Templates & frameworks.

- Free strategy session with Ray.

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