Hiring Your First Salesperson as an Entrepreneur | Ray J. Green

Season #2 Episode #2

In this podcast, we explain how sales is quite different than marketing, and why the smartest thing you can do before you hire your first salesperson is get your marketing engines revved up. 

The repeatable way to generate revenue is to develop fantastic systems and processes, not hire unicorn employees. Good marketing systems are crucial to your success. Then, once your marketing engine is generating leads, you handle your own sales in the beginning, even if it is not your strong point. The product feedback that you get from your customers at this stage of your business is priceless, and YOU are the one that needs to hear it. 

Not only that, you need to build and refine the sales process so that you can teach your first salesperson what you want them to do. Your performance in this area is the difference between setting your salesperson up for success or failure. We also cover what to look for when you're interviewing and hiring salespeople, what the most common pitfalls are in the process, how to structure your reports to get a clear picture of who your top performers are, which marketing campaigns are working, etc. 

We also discuss technology developments and the resulting changes in both marketing techniques and buyer behavior.