#8: Culture Starts At The Top I Alex Newmann

Season #1

Ray is joined by Alex Newmann to discuss how to develop employees and build a company culture from the ground up. Alex is the CEO of Newmann Consulting Group. He was the co-founder & CEO at FinanceFuel, COO at Storefront, founder & CRO at TechDay & VP of Sales at PivotDesk.

Topics Include:

  • The crossover between sales and tech startups
  • How storytelling informs sales
  • The value of an MBA
  • Alex's transition from sales into management
  • The skills required to be in a leadership position
  • Learning sales as an executive
  • Building courses or programs as a sales expert
  • How to build a company culture
  • Developing employees
  • And other topics...

Resources Mentioned:
Alex Newmann – https://www.alexnewmann.com/
Kevin Dorsey's Patreon Page – https://www.patreon.com/insidesalesexcellence
Marcus Chan's Sales Resources – https://www.marcuschan.io/resources-1
Scott Leese's Surf and Sales – https://www.surfandsales.com/

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