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Season #3

Building for scale or getting scalability in your business is reserved for tech entrepreneurs who want to take their business into hypergrowth or build the next unicorn. It is because we talk about scale when we're making for aggressive growth. You're creating for scale is usually associated with an increase. It can include an increase in revenue, growth in your team size, change in your offerings, and growth in the ops. Many service-based businesses or solopreneurs need to consider this concept of scale. "I don't need to," "I have a small one-person business," "I don't need to focus on making it scalable or making certain parts of my business scalable." They go out with that mindset, and they go out and do random acts of marketing. They do, deliver or do customized work for every single engagement they have, thinking that scalability is irrelevant to their business and that it inevitably leads to a plateau.

Key Takeaways

1. Even if you want to stay as a company of just one person or stay as a solopreneur, scalability is still very critical when you work with clients. Building for scale will still be a game changer in your service-related business because it lets you do more work and less time, but you don't have to use the time you get back to get more.

2. The foundation of a scalable sales process is having a playbook, a talk track, a guide, and a framework that describes how you approach the sales conversation, what you're going to say, how you're going to move prospects through your process.

3. Sales that scales are different than marketing. You can look for scalability in your business in three areas: marketing, sales, and delivery of the actual service.

How can you get some scalability in the different areas of your business? Find out how you can scale your business by listening to the latest episode of Repeatable Revenue with Ray J. Green.


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