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5 Ways a Vague Target Market Will Bankrupt You

Season #3

Do you have a narrowly defined target market? Did you know that for you to charge a lot of money, your service has to be really effective? And in order for your service to be really effective, it has to solve a specific set of pains, a specific set of problems for a specific target audience. So, you need to identify and define your target market. But if your target market is vague, what are the repercussions to your business?

Unfortunately, it is one of the causes of sometimes potentially outstanding businesses failing. And it’s the reason solopreneurs, self-employed consultants, and coaches falling into the overworked and underpaid trap, which is usually why they went into business for themselves to begin with, is to escape that.

In this episode, Ray will share five hidden pains of an undefined or a vague target market. So, if you’ve needed a sign that you’ve got to get clearer on who your target market is, this episode is an eye opener for you.


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