Repeatable Revenue

Repeatable Revenue

Hosted by: Ray J. Green

A podcast for online business builders and growth-minded entrepreneurs. Repeatable Revenue is hosted by Ray J. Green, an entrepreneurial executive that rose from sales rep to CEO of a private equity backed...


Playbooks Gone Wild I Ray J. Green

Season #2 Episode #4

Playbooks are all the buzz in sales, marketing, and business in general. But what exactly are they? Why do we create them? And what makes them effective (or suck)?  In this show, Ray breaks down some of the key...
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Moving Fast & Breaking Things + A Quick Guide to Marketing Agencies | Ray J. Green

Season #2 Episode #3

The first half of this episode covers how fast your team moves, and why. If you move too slow, you can get left behind. Some of the world's most successful companies, like Facebook, have achieved their success because...
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Hiring Your First Salesperson as an Entrepreneur | Ray J. Green

Season #2 Episode #2

In this podcast, we explain how sales is quite different than marketing, and why the smartest thing you can do before you hire your first salesperson is get your marketing engines revved up. The repeatable way to...
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Shifting Gears | Ray J. Green

Season #2 Episode #1

In this short chat, Ray Green explains the shift from Sales Leadership Foundations to Repeatable Revenue, and reveals the new direction that the podcast will go moving forward.
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