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    Your USP is what separates you from everyone else in what you do. It is something that other competitors cannot lay claim to, so it's not things like "great service" or "high quality product."
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    A clearly defined target audience or ICP will include specific demographics, psychographics, and other pieces of information that make it easy to determine if someone is a perfect fit as a customer.
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    The headline is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your site.
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    A clear CTA is something like, "Buy Now," "Join Now," or "Book a Call."
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    Count the number of CTAs you see on the home page, or the number of times you ask the visitor to take a specific action.
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    Great lists are built, not bought, and a great list of leads, prospects, and customers serves as the single most important asset in marketing.
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    The marketing funnel refers to an intentional series of steps and stages that move prospects through the process of becoming aware of who you are and into the sales process.
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    The sales process refers to the steps leads convert into prospects, prospects into opportunities, and opportunities into sales.
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    Sales playbooks are documented ways of selling, usually with scripts, primary objections, how to use any technology involved, KPIs, etc.
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    Sales reports should highlight both key activity metrics (calls, presentations, etc.) as well as productivity metrics (conversions, revenue / sale, etc.).
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    Sales coaching for your team - or yourself - is a consistent practice of reviewing sales activity and continuously and deliberately improving.
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    The customer journey is the experience from the customer's perspective at each stage in the marketing, sales, onboarding, and retention phases.
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    Regardless of what you call it, this is the “North Star” for why your business exists, beyond making a profit.
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    A business operating system is a company-wide set of processes to prioritize goals and improve execution with the team (e.g. EOS, 4DX, etc.).
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    Annual goals may be revenue goals, or any other goals that are measurable with timelines associated with them.
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