Who I Am & What I Do

I am a sales and growth-oriented consultant with 15 years of operating experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and sales executive:

  • I focus on rapid organizational change and aggressive growth initiatives.

  • I help uncover core constraints/opportunities and then design real solutions.

  • I build high performance teams capable of delivering results.

  • I install company operating systems to help them execute.

  • I design world class cultures to unleash potential and retain top talent. These are examples of principles and values I’ve developed - and managed to - with teams under my leadership.


Who Hires Me?

Organizations in need of substantial change, quickly:

  • Building higher performing teams

  • Creating sales strategies & channels

  • Developing scalable processes & systems

  • Designing productive cultures

  • Installing company operating systems

  • Innovating business models

  • Promoting ideation & intrapreneurship

More about me and my work: