I use lean, agile, and innovate startup methodologies to help organizations improve their business models, processes, products, and practices. 


Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank, aptly notes that a startup is not a smaller version of a larger company. Startups are unique and they operate in a way that many traditional companies and non-profits consider to be alien. Well run startups move methodically through ideas in a way that resembles the scientific method more than it does traditional business. They do so on lean budgets and, when done properly, at breakneck speed. And the results are unparalleled. 

Startups have disrupted industries before their counterparts and competitors, all of whom usually have more time, money, and manpower, even have a chance to respond. Think Netflix. Think Uber. Think Tesla. Think SpaceX. 

The success of startups is not coincidence. If it were, serial entrepreneurs, some you've heard of, most you haven't, would not have success over and over again. 

Successful startups operate on a different set of principles and guidelines to drive innovation. They embrace the unknown, intelligent testing, and even failure in the quest to build something of value and relevance. 

I help bring these principles of agility, rapid testing, lean budgets, and data driven decisions to organizations, companies, and teams to improve their performance and foster innovation within. I have experience in helping bring these principles to family owned businesses, accidental startups, and 100+ year old nonprofits. And the results are remarkably consistent. 

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