What They Say

Testimonials from people that know me and organizations I’ve worked with.

In their words, not mine.

Rick Corcoran

President, RJ Corcoran & Associates, LLC

A man of intellect, passion, and caring, Ray is a gifted business professional. He is results-oriented and pursues challenges with integrity and "wonderful impatience" for all the dumb things we do in organizations. A leader with a great appreciation for human behavior, you’ll notice something special about him. He has passionate followers who share his beliefs. Easy to say; hard to do. And Ray does it with wisdom beyond his years.

Shannon DiBari

President & CEO, Briarpatch Group

Former EVP & COO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

I have had the great fortune to partner with Ray Green and see first-hand the impact he has on a business’ growth, culture, and performance. The results achieved by his high caliber teams reflect Ray’s leadership and passion for designing and maintaining exceptional cultures. Ray’s strengths include his creativity, willingness to challenge conventional thinking, and his ability to align diverse stakeholders to achieve organizational goals. He is a difference maker.

Bob Perkins

COO, Britepool

Ray Green is a unique combination of hands on leadership, strategic insight, and financial acumen. I've seen him develop two different organizations, pivot them toward continued growth, and build world class teams. With experience as a CEO, education as an MBA, and a broad range of consulting insights, he is a fabulous choice for a company needing to rekindle growth and profits.

Ray is a very sharp guy. He rose quickly in management by over performing and taking on additional leadership duties. As a manager he was quick with strategy while staying focused on the needs of his team. I highly recommend Ray as an energetic and positive leader who knows the secret of consistently getting results.

Ron Dickinson

President, RW Services Group, Inc.