[Forbes] 16 top tips for identifying new market opportunities during a downturn.

Sep 04, 2020


“Entrepreneurs can see market downturns in two ways. Most business owners see it as a sign that they should ‘batten the hatches’ and secure their investment, possibly even taking some losses to ride out the storm. Less risk-averse entrepreneurs, however, see a market downturn as an avenue to new opportunities.

With so many other industries seeing closures, the time is ripe to enter a new market. Even so, not all markets are easy to gain a foothold in. Intelligent business people know that the key to identifying new market opportunities come from weighing the market's potential. However, in a brand-new industry, it can be challenging to spot the indicators that investing in this field is a good idea. To help, 16 experts from Forbes Business Council offer their expertise to help industry leaders find fertile ground to branch out into during an economic downturn.”


Full article: https://rjg.global/2FaVkW8.



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