TT#044 - 3 lessons ('22), 3 goals ('23)...

Jan 03, 2023
TT#044 - 3 lessons ('22), 3 goals ('23)...

I haven’t shared this online before, but in February I took 2.5 months off from client work. I’d just resigned from a $40k+/mo. retainer as a consultant and wanted to reset.

I didn’t stop working though. I used that time to design and launch my coaching program, Repeatable Revenue.

Truth be told, I’d been planning to launch this program for over a year. But it never quite got to market.

❌ I needed more content.

I needed more tools to share.

❌ I needed more tech and systems.

❌ I needed more marketing and leads.

❌ I needed more case studies and testimonials.

The reality was I didn’t need any of that.

I needed to ignore the perfectionism. And the fear of criticism.

When I got tired of kicking the can, I bit the bullet. I designed the coaching program on my sliding glass patio door, built a simple funnel to market it, and launched before most of the content was even created.

As I sold my first cohort, I created the initial version of content and built the systems to onboard everyone in April.

Since that time I’ve overhauled the content, built a small community, and helped 35+ entrepreneurs productize their expertise and scale their online business.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I know a lot of people who have a burning desire to build online and monetize their wisdom and expertise.

But they aren’t doing anything about it.

And I know a lot of people who’ve started down the path of building online and gotten stuck. Or hit plateaus.

But they aren’t making the real changes in their business that are necessary to get real change.

And I want to inspire someone this week to bet on themselves. To commit to taking the action necessary to get results this year.

Every major step forward for me has followed a big bet that I made. And I say bet because there’s no guarantee that it pans out.

Last year was no different.

Here’s what I believe:

You aren’t going to build the business - or life - of your dreams by dabbling and tinkering.

It takes commitment. It takes conviction. It takes resilience. But most of all it takes action. Real action.

Are you going to take action this year to get the results you really want? Or will you settle? Or play small?

Are you going to bet on yourself this year?

2023 by design. Not default.

Here are just a few of the wins I got to influence last year because I took a chance.

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